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India’s leading manufacturer of mushroom-based ayurvedic products that serves over 1 crore satisfied customers globally.

About the AYURVEDA

We bridge the gap between nature and your house by delivering charming Vedic items that came up with the mushroom kingdom's wealth.

Drawing on its vast expertise, Mushroom World utilizes years of experience, a diverse team of experts, and a deep passion for mushrooms to create Ayurvedic products that enhance your overall well-being to unprecedented levels. With a remarkable track record of over 10 million satisfied customers, we have already touched countless lives and continue to make a profound impact in the field of wellness. Explore our fascinating page to learn the secrets of robust health and endless zest for life by entering into a realm of the pure enchantment MUSHVED world.
India's largest Manufacturers of


An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
with more than 1 Crore satisfied costumers

Our Detail-Oriented

We have nothing to HIDE, as we prioritize RIGHT. We shaped every sphere with care. Step into a world of MUSHVED, Where mushrooms with Ayurveda create miracles. We Discover the natural power of mushrooms with our Ayurvedic mushroom-based products, designed to support your holistic wellness journey. From memory-boosting extracts to health-nourishing powder, our mushroom-based products are carefully crafted to support your holistic well-being according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurved”

To take you to a world of purity and vitality.

We’re here to furnish you with the perks of mushrooms, professionally created into Vedic products for a  healthier, happier you.
We have Third-Party Testing
Master’s hands verifies our efforts and Lab verifies the quality, purity, and potency of our mushroom-based formulations.
We’re India’s largest manufacturers of ayurvedic mushroom product
We are dedicated to crafting the best mushroom-based Ayurvedic products that empower to live your best life.

“When your individual efforts are added together, they form an astonishing symphony of creativity, invention, and resilience.”

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