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Renowned production house acclaimed for its innovative approach to filmmaking leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

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Ghodi Pe Hoke Sawar

 Nominated for Dada Saheb Phalke Award

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About the Production house

Bhopal based “Mushroom World Films” is booming in the Indian film industry due to its creativity and clear portrayal of human with its best team has done more than 350 projects doing innovative content, documentary, 3D graphics, proper branding with audio-video medium. film “Ghodi Pe Ho Ke Sawar”, produced by the company’s director Bhupesh Verma, has reached the Dadasaheb Phalke Award and is available to the audience on Hotstar.

Our Forte

we take pride in our ability to explore diverse films generes , documentaries,short films,adds each offering a unique perspective on life. From action-packed adventures to soul- stirring dramas,we are dedicated to deliver captivating cinematic experiences
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Production & Post-Production Services
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Celebrity and Influencer management
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Upcoming Projects

Web Series

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The Dead Man’s Plan
Best seller crime fiction titles The Dead Man’s plan is written by Sameer Sagar. .It tells the spine chilling story that delves into the darker realms of human behaviour. The narrative weaved intricate plots ,red herrings and unexpected twists , keeping reader captured.
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Virgin Pinky
An inspirational story of a woman who stood against the orthodox society and their conversative thinking. She explores her struggles,triumps and personal sacrifices to empower others. This powerful and thought -provoking movie change often begins with a single person’s courage and determination.

''Love to seize the moment, harness and creativity,and craft a story that will resonate through generations. light ,Camera action .''



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